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Sims Medieval Error Rld.dll




how to fix it Good day Hello! This is my problem: The error "sims medieval rld.dll. It says that I have to run rundll32 simsmedieval.exe in a "suspended mode", as shown in the screen below: I tried the solutions described in these questions: Rundll32 error on Windows 10 : "sims medieval error" How to fix error "Rundll32 error on Windows 10" Help me please - Sims Medieval RLD error on Windows 10 How to fix error "sims medieval error" I tried to run rundll32 simsmedieval.exe in safe mode, but nothing changed. What do I do? Answer There is nothing you can do to fix this problem. The game can't even be started. It can be safely ignored, that is. sims medieval error on windows 10 Rundll32 error on Windows 10 The error of "sims medieval error" often occurs in a computer when it has been used for a long time and it requires maintenance. You can check the main board, the motherboard and the CPU of your computer. If they are clean, or if you have a problem with the BIOS, you can fix it manually. If the problem is more serious, the motherboard or CPU may need replacement. sims medieval error rld.dll sims



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Sims Medieval Error Rld.dll

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